paint, watercolour, pastel, colour


with Marianne Ryan

Saturday 19th May  10am - 4pm   £62

A great opportunity to prepare for some outdoor painting - Jill's lovely garden will provide our subject matter while we experiment with colours, both delicate and intense.  Decide whether you'll be painting or drawing, whether to use watercolours, acrylics, pastels, colour pencils or pen and ink. Use this day to get into the spirit of using a sketchbook to produce exuberant colourful work in whatever medium you prefer. This will make a very useful reference for yet more paintings.

Making good use of the contrasts of light and shadow we will achieve some striking effects in simple studies followed by more finished work. We are hoping to work outside most of the day, but if the weather is against us, there will be plenty to do in the studio, working from sketches, photographs or postcards.

If you already have favourite paints such as watercolour, acrylics, inks or other quick drying mediums bring them along together with a selection of brushes if you have them. Marianne is always happy to lend materials and brushes if you want to experiment. There will be some prepared paper and board for you to use, again if you want to bring a canvas or other prepared art support feel free. 




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collagraph, collage, colour, texture, textural


led by Adrienne Craddock

Saturday 19th May 10am - 4pm   £62

Professional artist printmaker Adrienne Craddock will lead her students through making exciting prints using collagraph techniques and carborundum to achieve painterly marks with strong colour and textural interest. The roughness of the carborundum produces intense areas of colour. Taking inspiration from nature and the countryside you could choose to work in an abstract manner or figuratively.  Do bring photos, books or your sketch book if you wish and be prepared to experiment with various collage techniques for plate making - the images are made using lots of different lines and marks all of which will hold the printing ink in different ways to make your prints.  Imagery needs to be bold and simplified, carborundum grit mixed with glue can be painted on to the plate with broad brush strokes to great effect. This combined with pattern and the delicate line and the differing textures of collagraph makes for exciting work.

Image : Adam with Apple, Adrienne Craddock



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lino, linocut reduction, sharpening tools,

LINOCUT three week programme

I am planning to do Lino cut classes on Thursday or Tuesday mornings in May.  The class would start at 10am and end at 1pm.  The mornings will be taught sessions, the three morning sessions will be priced at £105 for three sessions or £37.50 each to include some lino with options to purchase more, generous allowance of paper with the availability to purchase more. The necessary inks are also provided as well as use of professional quality lino cutting tools and rollers together with the use of our wonderful cast iron antique press.  Students would have the option of staying on to continue with their work in the afternoon with extra cost being £7.50 for the rest of the day, this will not be a taught session although I might be hovering.

The date could start on the first or second Thursday (or Tuesday) in May.  We expect a new grandchild very soon so I must confer with the Mum in Waiting to be sure she does not want to book me for child care re the older toddler before I commit to the dates.  If you are interested to do the Lino sessions PLEASE REGISTER YOUR INTEREST WITH ME - and please be sure to include a contact phone number.  




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monoprint, mono, directly, tools, stencils


Saturday 9th June  10am - 4pm  £62 all materials provided

This extremely popular workshop with Adrienne concentrates on making 'one off' printed images, unlike most printmaking where there are multiple originals. Perspex plates will be inked up with rollers and then drawn into with a variety of tools and rags. Effects can be created using white spirit, talcum powder, embossed wallpaper and paper stencils as well as by painting inks directly onto the plate and overprinting images. If you wish to re-draw, simply wipe the plastic clean and make new marks. The plates will be printed on quality paper through the press.  This spontaneity, together with a combination of printmaking, painting and drawing produces work with a beautiful and unique charm. Do book early for this course, it always sells out very quickly.

Image : Monoprint, Adrienne Craddock

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Japanese, Woodblock, Wood Block, carving, print


Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th June, 10am - 4pm both days   £120

Japanese woodblock printmaking (Mokuhanga ) is a traditional Japanese art which has long been admired by Westerners. This relief print method uses a unique registration system, together with compatible materials comprising carved woodblocks, Japanese paper(washi), and water based pigments.  The image is carved using a selection of special knives and chisels. Rowan will show you how make your design, transfer it to the block and how to apply the water-based inks using a brush.  Using the registration system blocks are then hand printed with a baren, the ink is pressed deeply into the absorbent Japanese paper. 

This Japanese method is low tech and environmentally friendly. It is the particular combination of materials and processes which result in the unique quality of a Mokuhanga print. Rowan, who travelled to Japan specifically to learn Mokuhanga, will help you immerse yourself in Japanese aesthetics for the weekend.  All materials are provided. 

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