snowflake Christmas cards



Monday 29th October  10.00 - 12.45  £8.00 per person 

Christmas is not far away.  This is a Half Term Special at The Print Shed for children - Please bring a responsible adult with you, they could help you out where needed and they get to print their own cards too. Before booking please phone to check availibility 07796 673123. 

In the studio we will use water washable inks, it definitely washes off hands but wear your oldest clothes 'just in case'.  Make some pretty paper snowflakes, roll up some lino with your favourite colour, use the snowflake as a mask and print using one of the specialist presses at The Print Shed studio. Everyone will have a set of 6 cards with envelopes and there are more available to buy if you need some. Imagine making your own design, printed by your own hand as a unique Christmas card for a special person and it is fun to do too.






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collagraph, collage, colour, texture, textural


Collagraph, Collage and Carborundum with Jill Barneby
Thursday 11th October 10am - 3pm and
Tuesday 9th October 10am - 4pm with a second slightly shortened day,  Two days £95

One place remaining, watch this space - I may pop in another date before Christmas if there is a demand.  Please email me (remember to check spam for my reply!)

As everyone knows, there is a lot of glue involved with collage techniques.  By offering a second part day students could choose to work freely with the various paints, glues and carborundum which can be used for making the printing matrices. Because the printing is done using dampened paper it is important that these are fully dry before we print.

Using fairly ordinary materials of varying textures we can achieve gorgeous textural work, carborundum adds the strong colour and since we are working with thick card this can be cut into interesting shaped printing plates. Some rough textures, carborundum, rough or crumpled papers, finely crushed egg shells all hold a lot of coloured ink and can be very vibrant.  Others, shiny tapes and areas of acrylic paint, we purposely manipulate to be smooth - these make for lighter areas and can even print as white.  Lines, drawing with a fine point, punched marks, dots made with a roulette wheel can all be added.

Day 1 Tues 9th Oct will be spent first looking briefly at some examples.  Then we will be printing small samples using pre-made examples - swapping notes to see what happens.  Armed with this knowledge you then make two, maybe three print matrices ready for the second day.

Day 2 Thurs 11th Oct print, print, some print more - experiment, try one print on top of another, Print more.  Trial different coloured papers, perhaps collaborate with someone else to use both lots of imagery?

This is a great course for anyone, beginner level, and already confident printmakers who will definitely enjoy this. 

Image  Timanfaya : Jill Barneby



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owl linoprint lino-print blue

4a LINOCUT three week programme

Linocut three week programme with Jill Barneby
Three Consecutive Tuesdays

Tuesday mornings Oct 30th, 6th and 13th November.  10.00am until 1.00pm £90 for all three classes

FUULY BOOKED. Please get in touch if you would like to be on a waiting list for the next date.

These classes are suited to those who are either beginners, or maybe have not done any linoprint for a long time.  Those who are wanting to do reduction printing are also welcome, you could skip the beginners and go straight to designing your more complex image immediately.

On the first day we will discuss what sort of image makes a successful lino print, simplifyand draw this onto tracing paper.  This will then be transferred to the lino, the design is cut. Jill will show you how to ink and print your picture.

Day 2 You might be continuing with the cutting of your design, or making a second image either to work when printed with the first lino block. Maybe you would prefer to make a completely new design.  Either way there'll be more printing.

Day 3 More of the same.  For any students following the reduction method, this is the day when it all comes together.  You will all by the last day be aware of what works well, which designs look the best and which colours you like the best.  This will be the day that all your hard work will result in some wonderful prints.

You may wish to make the whole course about making your own personal Christmas cards or perhaps printing a special piece of art for a gift. 

Information: The mornings will be taught sessions, the morning option is priced at £30 per session. Students would have the option of staying on to continue with their work in the afternoon until 4.30pm with extra cost being £7.50 for the rest of the day. This will not be a taught session although Jill might be doing her own prints whilst hovering to help if needed.  Bring something for your lunch if you plan to stay longer.

These three sessions include two lino blocks of approximately A5 size with options to purchase more, and a generous allowance of paper again with the availability to purchase more. The paper used is for the course is 300gms Snowdon Cartridge, other papers are also available to purchase. Quality highly pigmented water washable inks are also provided as well as use of professional quality lino cutting tools and rollers together with the use of our wonderful cast iron antique press.  

Image  Owl : Jill Barneby






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lino linocut lino-cut elephant print


Spend a  day making Linocut prints

LINOCUT Saturday 3rd November  £62 all materials supplied

This day is suitable for beginners as well as those wanting to renew their skills.  Using the wonderful antique press at the Print Shed learn how to cut your design in lino, print it and make an edition of original lino prints. Lino is a wonderfully 'graphic medium' - simple slightly stylized images are excellent for working with lino. 

A linocut is a type of relief print; the paper is literally 'stamped' with the ink which has been rolled on to the top surface of a piece of lino.  To make the design the area you are cutting away the area that will be white and leaving the part of lino still proud to take the ink and create the image.

Having cut a design Jill will show you how to experiment by introducing background colour.

Linocuts as fine art were originally made popular by Picasso, before that they were simply regarded as a student's medium to practice for woodcuts. 

This course is excellent for those who have no experience or perhaps need to take a refresher course.  



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etching, bird, landscape, aquatint


Two day Etching course £120 for the two days Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th November
10am - 4pm each day with Jill Barneby

This is a great course for newcomers to etching as well as returners.

Using aluminium and a saline solution as the etching mordant you will learn the principles of etching. All of the basics for preparing the etching plates, applying a waxed ground, drawing the image through the wax to etching a line and making tonal contrasts will be explained.  

Over the two sessions you will be able to make two or three etching plates as well as printing an edition of your images from these using a variety of colours. Jill will show you how to add more interest to your work by adding rolled-over colour to your picture. 

Bring source material - sketches, photographs etc.  It may help if these are in greyscale - simple greyscale images will help you to identify the lights and darks when working on tonal areas of your etching plate. Our etching plates for this course will be approximately A5, you can change the aspect to square or other measurements.  You can work larger than this but within the confines of a course this would not be practical.  When you are proficient with your new skills perhaps consider becoming a Print Shed Member.

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