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LINO CUT FOR EVERYONE Thursday 13th June. £62 10am until 4pm with all materials included. Good for Beginners and Returners. 10am - 1pm

The most popular of all the courses at The Print Shed.

This is a good course for those who wish to re-visit this wonderful medium .  Complete beginners are also most welcome.  Just one warning, Lino Print is totally addictive!

If you have never done any lino cut before, start here.  Jill will lead you through designing and cutting a single block and how to make several different coloured prints from this.  Next learn how they can be imaginatively printed in different ways introducing yet more colour.

The blocks are printed on The Print Shed antique relief press.  It will be possible to make a small edition of prints.  Use imagery which has strong lines and remember that adding some decorative pattern also works beautifully, and do keep it simple.  For examples of strong but simple designs go to 'Google' and put lino-cut images into the search and check the images tab.

Tutor : Jill Barneby

Image : Squirrels Harvesting, Sarah Smith


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monoprint, Sunflowers, Morning



MONOPRINT with Adrienne Craddock Saturday 18th May  10am - 4pm £62

Fully Booked, if you would like to know about Adrienne's next course please email

Perspex plates are inked up with rollers and then drawn into with a variety of tools and rags. Effects can be created using white spirit, talcum powder, embossed wallpaper and paper stencils as well as painting inks directly onto the plate. You can also slide a photo or drawing under the perspex to aid design. The prints are made by building up successive layers of colour. This will be a lively session and you have the opportunity to make spontaneous marks making for bright colourful expressive work. Have fun, make spontaneous narks, don't worry - there is no 'wrong way'.  if you are not happy with the something you can just rub it out with a piece of rag.  Simples!  

All materials provided.

Image : Sunflower Parade, Adrienne Craddock

Tutor : Adrienne Craddock


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Japanese Print, Block, Woodcut, hand printed


Japanese Wood Block with Rowan McOnegal   £120
Saturday 1st & Sunday 2nd June  10am - 4pm both days


Japanese Woodblock printmaking (Mokuhanga ) is a traditional art which has long been admired by Westerners. This relief print method uses a unique registration system, together with compatible materials comprising carved woodblocks, Japanese paper (washi), and water based pigments. The image is carved using a selection of special knives and chisels. Rowan McOnegal will show you how make your design, transfer it to the block and how to apply the water-based inks using a brush. Using a unique registration system the blocks are then hand printed with a baren, the ink is pressed deeply into the absorbent Japanese paper. 

This Japanese method is low tech and environmentally friendly. It is the particular combination of materials and processes which result in the unique quality of a Mokuhanga print. Rowan, who travelled to Japan specifically to learn Mokuhanga, will help you immerse yourself in Japanese aesthetics for the weekend.

All materials are provided.

Image : Wood Cut by Print Shed Student

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