abstract, free, experimental colour

1. ABSTRACT IDEAS - Free Range Painting

Abstract Ideas, Free Range Painting  Wednesday 27th September   10am - 4pm     £58

Tutor: Marianne Ryan

Let your hair down with a lively day of colour and rich mixed media.  Experiment with colour in all shapes and forms, try out various techniques and tools. Launch into a stream of experimental colour studies, think big, think small, think specific, think vague, work at any scale you like - larger than life to postage-stamp. This course is a lot of fun - be prepared to get messy, and just bring the materials you like to work with. Marianne will bring all sorts of equipment to use during the day, ranging from watercolour and paper to ink and board, house-paint, brushes, pens, chalks, sponges, fabric and several different textures.  Starting off with a mini-slide show of wonderful colourful abstract paintings, we'll highlight different ways of using abstract colour to reflect your ideas and give you a real sense of freedom to push your boundaries. You will find exciting new ways of working and learn more about how to improvise with colour.   



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Linocut, Lino Print, antique press


Linocut for Beginners   Saturday 30th September  10am - 4pm    £58

Tutor: Jill Barneby

FULL - If you would like to join a waiting list for the next session please email Jill - theprintshed@swinmoor.net

This is a good course for those who wish to re-visit this wonderful medium. Complete beginners are also most welcome.  Just one warning, Lino Print is totally addictive!  If you have never done any lino cut before, this is where to start.  Jill will lead you through designing and cutting a single block and how to make several different coloured prints from this.  Next learn how they can be imaginatively printed in different ways introducing yet more colour.

The blocks are printed on The Print Shed antique relief press.  It will be possible to make a small edition of prints.  Use imagery which has strong lines and remember that adding some decorative pattern also works beautifully, and do keep it simple.  For examples of strong but simple designs go to 'Google' and put linocut images into the search and check the images tab.



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drawing, pastel, charcoal


Tutor: Marianne Ryan  Drawing Lessons with Marianne    all three sessions £150.00, one or two session £58 each 

Three Consecutive Tuesdays - start date Tuesday 3rd Oct 10am - 4pm

i Dry Stuff - Tues 3rd Oct

Working with pencil, graphite, charcoal and  pastel, we will look at how to control these tools to get the effects you want. Develop your imagery by learning more about shading, blending and contrasting tones -  learn how to create accurate and dramatic lines to develop your own drawn images. Discover which tools suit your temperament andimagination, take off with your own flights of fancy!

ii Wet Stuff - Tues 10 Oct

Explore rapid and varied techniques with felt-tip pens, ink & wash, watercolour or gouache or even a mix of these.  On a range of surfaces these different mediums combine in fresh and unpredictable ways to fire your imagination.  Take time to study the various different surfaces and what effect they can have on your drawing.

iii Treasure Trove - Tues 17 Oct 

Ideas to inspire you to get your sketchbook out of the drawerand bring it into constant use.  Sketchbooks can be wonderfullittle libraries brimming with ideas, themes, colours, textures. Artists from Leonardo to Picasso made extraordinary and revealing sketchbooks, some crammed with observational drawing, some just simple notes and queries, some investigating different processes. Literally treasure bottled in a book!

Marianne will have plenty of materials for you to use but please bring along your own favourites too.  300gms cartridge paper is supplied; there will be mdf boards at cost price from £2.50.

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collagraph, stencils, embossing


Pushing the Boundaries - Collagraph using layers, masking, embossing and layers of colour

Tutor: Victoria Keeble  Saturday 28th October   10am - 4pm   £58

This course is now fully booked. If you would like to be notified when we run it again please email Jill 

Victoria is a professional printmaker, she originally trained as a textile designer at Falmouth School of Art and worked in the industry for many years. Following this she studied printmaking at Hereford Art College, her work is illustrative, Victoria also makes great use of pattern and texture. Her subject matter often incorporates classic legends and fairy tales typically featuring natural forms including animals, birds and mythical beasts.

During the day Victoria will show her students how to make several plates by cutting shapes, mark making and printing and then develop the images by using stencils, textured materials, embossing and layers of colour to create innovative and exciting prints. By moving the shapes about, re-cutting, re-inking and repositioning we will produce some really interesting results. As in previous workshops, experimentation is the name of the game!  Do bring your own sketch books, a scalpel or Stanley knife and basic drawing materials. Bring also any small amounts of interesting materials such as embossed wallpaper, textured nylon curtains, threads, dried leaves or whatever takes your fancy.





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woodblock, Japanese, hand printed


Japanese Woodblock

Tutor: Rowan McOnegal   Saturday 11th - Sunday 12th November   10am - 4pm   £115 

This course is now fully booked, if you are interested to have your name on a waiting list please phone Jill

Japanese woodblock printmaking (Mokuhanga) is a traditional Japanese art which has long been admired by Westerners. This relief print method uses a unique registration system, together with compatible materials comprising carved woodblocks, Japanese paper (washi), and water based pigments.  The image is carved using a selection of special knives and chisels. Rowan will show you how make your design, transfer it to the block and how to apply the water-based inks using a brush.  Using a unique registration system the blocks are then hand printed with a baren, the ink is pressed deeply into the absorbent Japanese paper. 

This Japanese method is low tech and environmentally friendly. It is the particular combination of materials and processes which result in the unique quality of a Mokuhanga print.

Rowan, who travelled to Japan specifically to learn Mokuhanga, will help you immerse yourself in Japanese aesthetics for the weekend.  All materials are provided.

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