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swan monoprint jill barneby the print shed


MONOPRINT with ADRIENNE CRADDOCK Saturday 21st September
10am - 4pm  £62.00

A return of this extremely popular workshop with Adrienne concentrates on making 'one off' printed images. You will ink up perspex plates with rollers and then draw into the ink with a variety of tools and rags. Effects can be created using white spirit, talcum powder, embossed wallpaper and paper stencils as well as by painting inks directly onto the plate to overprint images. You then print your plate on quality paper through the intaglio press. You will be able to produce a selection of prints through the day choosing to work with small or large-scale images. The process characteristically creates a wonderfully immediate and painterly feel.



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print printmaking drypoint Jill Barneby Ink studio


Thursday 17th October 10am - 4pm  £62

Everybody has loved this drypoint way of printing. Creating the image is so easy, you can trace from a photo or your drawing, perhaps combine the two. You will work on A4 Rhenalon Plates (thin transparent acrylic sheet) by drawing and scratching into the surface with tools. Adrienne will show you how to create both fine line and tonal areas. Slide your drawings or photos underneath the transparent sheet or just draw freely. Plates are inked and printed onto dampened paper through the press. Adrienne will bring a range of subject matter for you to choose to work from or you can bring your own sketches and photos. 


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landscape linocut


INTRODUCTION TO LINOCUT with JILL BARNEBYSaturday 19th October  10am - 4pm  £62

This is agood course for those wishing to re-visit this wonderful medium as well as for complete beginners. If you have never done any linocut before this is where to start. Jill will lead you through the single colour prints. Next learn how to print them imaginatively in different ways introducing colour. The blocks are cut and then printed on The Print Shed antique relief press. It will be possible to make a small edition of prints.   




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letterpress type vintage christmas cards


Print letterpress ornaments and vintage type

with DULCIE FULTON  £62.00

Saturday 26th October 10am - 4pm

Design and print your own letterpress Christmas cards using Dulcie's vintage Adana 8x5 tabletop printing presses and movable type. Learn how to use metal type, picture blocks and ornaments to create unique cards to send to all your friends. There will be plenty of examples for inspiration. You’ll take home a set of at least 15 festive cards and envelopes, with an option to buy and print extra blanks if you would like.  Letterpress printing is a form of relief printing more than 500 years old. It involves working with hand-set wood and metal movable type which is locked into the bed of a press and inked with rollers. Paper is then pressed against the type to create an impression. Now listed as endangered by the Heritage Crafts Association, letterpress printing offers unique and tactile results that modern printing techniques simply cannot provide.

Dulcie Fulton:   Purveyors of lovely letterpress & linocut prints, plus occasional non-flat items of interest. Mostly Flat specialises in hand printed paper goods for you and your home. Created by Dulcie - designer and letterpress aficionado

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