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Beautiful summer colours captured in pen and paint.

Tutor : Marianne Ryan

Saturday 30 June, 10 am - 4 pm   £62

A great opportunity to prepare for some outdoor painting - The Print Shed's lovely garden will provide our subject matter while we experiment with colours, both delicate and intense. The views extend right across a gorgeous Herefordshire landscape to the black mountains. Using the contrasts of light and shadow, we'll achieve some striking effects in a few simple studies followed by more finished work. Bring your watercolour paints or acrylics if you prefer.  Both are great for this course. 

Do bring along anything else you want to try - pastels, inks, colour pencils, felt-tip pens... we're hoping to work outside most of the day.  Marianne will also have a selection of materials for you to try. There will be 300gms Snowdon Cartridge paper for your use, you may wish to bring a sheet of two of your own favourite watercolour paper. 

You will also need to bring something for lunch, teas and coffee will be available in the studio. 


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Dramatic contrasts of Bright Light and Deep Shadow 
led by Marianne Ryan  10am - 4pm   £62

This course has been deferred until after h.Art, so will run at the end of September or early October.  Please email theprintshed@swinmoor to register your interest.

Create colourful and dramatic paintings using bright lights and strong shadows to bring out brilliant colours and contrasts echoing the beautiful 'chiaroscuro' effects accomplished by painters of the past. 

Marianne leads this exciting workshop demonstrating a method developed during the Renaissance, strong tonal contrasts between light and dark are used to model three-dimensional forms. Artists famed for the use of chiaroscuro include Leonardo da Vinci, Caravaggio and Rembrandt. 

The technique uses dramatic lighting to spotlight a simple still-life bringing out the particular character of the objects.  Dark backgrounds together with striking shifts in colour and texture make this an exciting way to work.  You will find yourself absorbed in the intensity and the focus on simple strongly lit still-life arrangements.

In this session we will be using acrylics, oil pastels and soft pastels.  Oil paints are not suitable because of the required drying time. The day is suited to beginners as well as those more experienced painters.

Please bring a selection of paints, pastels and brushes if you already have them.  Marianne will also bring some of her extensive collection of paints and other materials so there is no need for you to buy any extra materials.  There will be a generous supply of 300gms cartridge paper in the studio available for your use.



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Tutor Marianne Ryan

Saturday 7 July, 10 am - 4 pm   £62

3 spaces available


Learn How to Make Watercolour Work for You with Marianne Ryan 
Get to grips with how to achieve that magic luminosity quality and brilliance of colour with this medium. Make watercolours work for you by controlling the flow of paint, learn more about the use of line and which brushes to use. From the delicate nuance to the flamboyant gesture, the skilled watercolourist needs a little knowledge about the best techniques. Come and spend a day finding out!  Bring watercolour paints and brushes if you already have them, Marianne will also have a selection of both paints and some different brushes for you to try out.  There will be a generous supply of 300gms cartridge paper in the studio, if you have particular paper that you like to use do bring some along. 


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Lino cut classes on Tuesay mornings  May 29th and June 5th.
Tuesday 5th June - spaces available 10am - 1pm  £27 per day  
Tutor Jill Barneby

The mornings will be taught sessions, the morning option is priced at £27 per session. You can opt to do single days. This session includes two lino blocks of approximately A5 size with options to purchase more, and a generous allowance of paper with the availability to purchase more. The paper used is for the course is 300gms Snowdon Cartridge, other papers are also available to purchase. Quality water washable inks are also provided as well as use of professional quality lino cutting tools and rollers together with the use of our wonderful cast iron antique press.  Students would have the option of staying on to continue with their work in the afternoon until 4.30pm with extra cost being £7.50 for the rest of the day, this will not be a taught session although Jill might be hovering.

You can book for the two sessions via the PayPal link, if you only want to do one session please email or phone.

Jill  07796 673123


Please make sure you have added the above email to your contacts list otherwise my replies will probably go to your spam folder. 



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