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Collagraph made Simple with Jill Barneby

Saturday 16th March 10am - 4pm    £62

Learn how to make a simple print using everyday materials.  If you have never tried printmaking before - this fun session is where to start. You need no particular drawing skills.  Discover how to build textures, apply ink, and make layers of texture and interest to create a series of colourful images. The idea is to work by collaging various items to a piece of card - using things like patterned anagalypta wallpaper, ridged cardboard, fall-out from the hole punch.  Add scoring marks with different thickness of tools - knitting needles, biro, scalpel, fork etc.  Layer up different types of masking tapes, fruit netting, shiny surfaces, the ridged wrapper from the coffee beaker.  All will hold ink differently and therefore print with different characteristic marks. Many artists make very sophisticated work with this very simple method.  You might soon find yourself gathering texturing candidates from 'rubbish' to use for printmaking!

All this texture is stuck firmly to a base, inks are worked in to the various nooks and crannies.  The surplus ink is wiped off and the image printed on to dampened paper through the press. 

Image : Collagraph by Print Shed Student 





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Acrylic Painting with Marianne Ryan 
Saturday 23rd March  10am - 4pm £62

Discover the Wonderful immediacy of Acrylic Paint

with Marianne Ryan at The Print Shed 

Quick-drying and full of glorious colour, acrylic is an exciting and vibrant medium, suitable for all sorts of painting. Whether you fancy landscapes or still life, portraits or abstract, feed your curiosity; come and be inspired by Marianne’s enthusiastic approach. Suitable for all levels.

Please book directly with Marianne
01905 57 1231


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Lovely Lettering with Marianne Ryan

6th April10am - 4pm £62

Writng by hand with panache and Style.

A lively day of creating beautiful fluent letterforms, using traditional pens and colourful inks, and learning lots of useful tips along the way. Beginners and Improvers.

Please book directly with Marianne
01905 571231




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Colourful Capitals with Marianne Ryan at The Print Shed

Embellish your favourite letters to make them really sing!

Sunday 7th April 2019, 10am - 4pm £62.00

A lighthearted exploration of this timeless traditional way of illustratiing capital letters.Have fun epressing yourself with gold and colourful motifs.  Beginners and improvers welsomed.

Please book directly with Marianne
01905 571231



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Experimental Printing with Jill Barneby

Tuesday 9th April  10am - 4pm £62

This is an interpretation of Collagraph printing, we'll have good fun and many Happy Accidents.  It is a great session for both an experienced printmaker or a complete novice to the world of Print.

Using items from the hedgerow, from the kitchen or toolbox as well as from our imagination we will make magic.  With any form of print you are making use of the texture on your printing matrix to hold ink in varying ways. Colour of your choice is worked in to all the textures and marks you have made; the excess ink is then wiped off. To create light tones use a shiny product, the image shown has areas of plain glue near the bottom which will dry to a firm shiny finish so you can wipe a lot or all of the applied ink to create nearly white.  The brightly coloured parts of the image are made using a rough surface to hold the ink. This inked print plate is printed onto dampened paper through the rolling Intaglio press.  

Detail from Timanfaya : Collagraph Jill Barneby



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