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Collagraph for Beginners Tuesday 7th November 10am - 4pm £58

Tutor: Jill Barneby

Collagraph is a low tech and simple method of achieving a printing plate, it is ideal for complete beginners as well as returners.  Many things can be used for constructing your print matrix.  We will be using piece of strong card which is marked with a mixture of tapes, drawn lines, glue and selected collaged items. This is sealed, inked and used to print from. 

You can make shaped plates, register more than one plate, add collage to your printing - almost anything flat can be used to make marks. Working as a group we will be able to share ideas and learn from each other. By using everyday materials textures to collage your printing plate an infinite variety is possible. There is also the added advantage of using materials which are easily and cheaply available. The resulting matrix has smooth, rough and shiny textures, the ink is held on the plate differently thus creating a very interesting image.  You are limited only by your imagination. All materials are provided.




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MONOPRINT with Adrienne Craddock

Tutor: Adrienne Craddock Thursday 16th November     10am - 4pm     £58.00

A return of this extremely popular workshop with Adrienne concentrates on making 'one off' printed images. Perspex plates are inked up with rollers and then drawn into with a variety of tools and rags. Effects can be created using white spirit, talcum powder, embossed wallpaper and paper stencils as well as by painting inks directly onto the plate and overprinting images. The plates will be will be printed on quality paper through the press. Do book early for this course, it always sells out at great speed.

Adrienne says - 'I find monoprinting a seductive process that captures the energy of brushstrokes and mark making. It enables you to make 'paintings' reasonably swiftly, mixing the coloured inks on the plate is a satisfyingly child like indulgence. Who hasn't taken pleasure in applying paint to a surface - as we did as school children when we folded paper in half and made 'symmetrical' butterfly images to see what image will appear.'

All materials are provided for this course.




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Treescapes in Watercolour  

Tutor: Richard Bavin   Saturday 2nd December   10am - 4pm   £58.00

FULL - If you would like to join a waiting list please email Jill -

Experimenting freely with watercolour, we will bring together memories and  experiences to create evocative autumn treescapes.  Together we will explore colour mixing and placement to weave a tapestry of rich autumn colour, and equivalents in paint to capture the musky, damp scents of autumn, the crunch of leaves underfoot and the creeks and groans of the canopy overhead. Reflecting Richard's latest project In Lea & Paget's Wood, this is an opportunity to step out into the unknown with your paints! 

The garden at The Print Shed has many magnificent large trees. The oaks, chestnut, copper beech and lime trees will be without leaf in December presenting their strong winter bare shapes with the rolling landscape peeking through. 

Some materials are provided but please also bring you own watercolour paints and your favourite brushes.



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