Reduction, Lino cut swan


Reduction Lino-cut with JILL BARNEBY

Weekend 23rd and 24th November

10am - 4pm both days for £120

To make a reduction lino start with taking away all the white parts of the image. Roll on the first colour, in Swan this was a single roller loaded with blue and yellow. The lino was then carved again removing all the areas the artist  wanted to remain in the green mix. Black ink was then rolled over the lino and the swan appeared like magic. It is not complicated but you do need to start with a plan and keep images simple. Consider using no more than three colours, as you can see more are made. All materials are provided




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letterpress, wooden type, vintage,


Make a Letterpress Poster with DULCIE FULTON
Saturday 30th November 10am - 4pm   £62

Working from your chosen word or phrase, use vintage wooden letters and shapes to create and print an A4 or A3 letterpress poster. Because of its age and history, wooden type has a wonderful patina and character; those textures will come through in your prints. Variations in inking and pressure will make each print unique. You'll learn how to compose, set and lock up your type ready for printing, and techniques for inking it up with a hand roller in one or more colours. You will then print it on either a small flatbed press (A4) or the Imperial iron hand press (A3), learning the process of make-ready along the way. High quality cartridge is provided. Some fabulous tactile Somerset Satin cotton rag paper is provided for your final piece with an option to buy more.  If you are not sure what to print on your poster Dulcie is full of inspiring ideas, she will be able to help. Text should be short, Dulcie suggests just about five words would be good.



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