Print Speak

About The Print Shed

Hard Ground
An acid resistant waxy coating covering the surface of metal. This is drawn into exposing metal to allow etchin

Soft Ground
As above except that it remains soft allowing items and texture to be pressed in to make marks

Any corroding agent used to etch

The process of printing from relief blocks or metal type or the press used to do i

A circular pad traditionally covered in bamboo used to burnish the back of paper when printing from a relief block

Cutting lines or dots into a hard surface usually wood or metal

Etching Press
Press for all intaglio plates. Can be adjusted to print some relief block

A set of identical prints taken from matrix in its final state. When the predetermined edition is printed the block is ‘cancelled’. Prints are numbered and edition size stated. E.g. 1/50

Artist’s Proof
A/P - up to 10% of extra proofs over the edition size

A method exploiting the fact that oil and water don’t mix. Drawing is done with a waxy or greasy crayon on to a stone or paper litho plate. This is inked and washed with a strong water spray; ink will not stick to the unmarked area

Metal surface needed to be thoroughly degreased before applying ground or using PVA glue

A trial impression taken from the print matrix in order to consider any revisions needed

A smooth surface marked with ink and transferred to paper, only one copy is obtainable.