Printing Methods


Monoprint is simply a one-off print
There are lots of ways to make a monoprint. Use a piece of thin plastic sheet or aluminium or zinc plate. The printing plate should have a smooth surface which you can easily clean – as the surface will not altered it can be used again and again to make different images.

Why on earth make a ‘one off’ print? It’s just another way to make an image. The marks transferred during the process are utterly different to painting or drawing. Use water based printing inks or oil based products. Make vibrant swathes of colour or delicate translucent shades, draw into the ink on the plate; try dropping white spirit into the oil paint, Roller the colours on, wipe areas off, use a cloth over the handle of your paint brush to move ink around. Where perhaps colours overlap – new colours will be formed.

If you are using transparent plastic as the printing matrix then you can slip a sketch mapping out the image under it –don’t forget to reverse any text or landmarks.

Place plate inky side facing up on the press bed with dampened printing paper on top and roll it through.

Some ideas - Try using water soluble crayons, or mask areas out with paper, or add collage …

This is an immediate and low tech way to make a print.