Printing Methods


A Collagraph print is one made from a plate collaged with different textures. A base plate of mountcard or the reverse side of old etching plates can be used. The process is a combination of intaglio and relief. Collage your plate with texture by gluing on wallpaper or torn cardboard shapes with PVA wood glue. Use a variety of tapes – shiny parcel tape, different masking tape can be overlapped to create an interesting variety of marks. Draw with a biro, pencil or cutting knife, into the surface of the plate, or run your pizza cutting wheel over it to make interesting lines. Add carborundum to some glue and paint with it to make tonal areas, create contours using tile cement

Marks printed will be created by the lines and marks made as well as the spaces which in between them.

There is no end to the possibilities with Collagraph printing. It is a cheap accessible way to make a print. The collaged plate can be sealed with a quick drying household varnish – this makes it easier to wipe and more durable.

Collagraph plates are usually inked intaglio – you can also try top rolling the plate to add areas of strength.